And we’re back!

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I’ve noted on several occassions that I only ever get to upgrade my computer when something very bad happens to it and I have to replace parts. This tends to happen once or twice a year, in my experience. As such, my desktop has now made the jump to PCI Express video — to my annoyance. While I can’t help but be impressed by the increased performance, I also can’t help but be annoyed that I was forced to do this at all.

Regardless, I am back for good this time. Really.

In my absence, it seems there’s been some long-awaited changes to the group tools, a topic I’m very eager to talk about shortly.

In LSL news, the changed() event has been fixed to handle cases in which a script is dropped on an object, as has llGetScriptName. Additional bugs have been discovered in changed() as well, lending further credence to my theory that it’s actually been an elaborate hoax on the part of Cory Linden all along. This time, it’s been the teleport and region-crossing detection functionality that’s broken. Scripters, make sure you put your essential scripts in root prims!

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