Sally Linden on the “Residents” statistic

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On the Linden Blog today, Sally Linden writes:

There has lately been much confusion and speculation surrounding the “Residents” statistic on the home page of This post is an effort to clear that up.

She goes on to say:

…there was an internal conversation about the number we were reporting, what the Residents thought it represented, and how we could be more transparent. The number that is currently on our home page is a time-weighted average between “total number of signups ever” and “total number of logged in users over the last 60 days”. As of right now, those numbers are 493,563 and 225,028.

And most usefully:

We plan to change the home page to display those two numbers separately. At that time the current “Residents” number will be removed. This change should take place sometime next week.

I’d really be interested in seeing the total number of successful unique logins in the previous 24 hours as well. We’ll see what the response is.

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