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Welcome to Omega Point, a pretentiously-named blog about virtual worlds, the evolution of the metaverse, and the Singularity.

I’m Catherine Omega – and yes, that’s a pseudonym. It’s not much of a pseudonym though, if that helps. If you’re a user of Second Life, you might have heard my name, perhaps even favourably. If you’ve ever scripted anything in Second Life, you almost certainly know who I am. If there aren’t any other posts on this blog yet, you definitely do.

The first rule of learning about Catherine Omega: Don’t google Catherine Omega. Google is full of pernicious lies and misquotes. Really. That, and stuff that’s accurate and that you should ignore as well. There’s also a video. Don’t watch that either.

That said, I’m one of the oldest residents in Second Life. I co-founded and continue to edit the LSL Wiki, an accomplishment that means absolutely nothing outside the Second Life scripting community. Because of these two facts, I have at times been mistaken for an authority on certain topics, which is why I was nudged into starting a blog in the first place.

So here it is.

25 Responses to “state_entry()”

  1. AnneDroid

    Yay! More Cat-ness :)
    Now when I see a “WWCOD” shirt, I can say, “she’d write a blog post about it.“
    All hail the CFO!

  2. Chance Abattoir

    Thank you for maintaining the LSL wiki. It is a valuable resource. ^ ^

  3. Stroker Serpentine

    As President of the Cat Omega Fan Club…I approve this blog!

  4. Torley Linden

    Hi, I’m happy to be here. Thanxies for lettin’ me know, Cat. BTW, I can’t get your RSS feed to work:

    I’m looking forward to aggregating.

    Stroker, I was not previously aware there was a Cat Omega Fan Club. But I would like to thank Cat for being so nice to me since my early days in SL.

  5. Catherine Omega

    Thanks, everyone!

    Torley, I got my RSS feed to work. I was surprised to see that it was merely that I hadn’t filled out a couple things. I wouldn’t have thought WordPress would so weird about empty fields like that. Aggregate away. :)

  6. Akela Talamasca

    “Curiosity”, blogged the Cat. I look forward to scratching my head in confusion over scripting issues I’ll never understand!

  7. Siobhan Taylor

    Torley… So that’s how one gets visitors. I unno… I thought people got the links from mine, since I get readers even though nobody links me, lol

  8. Tomas Hausdorff

    Congratulations on your new web log, Catherine!

    I would be lost without the LSL Wiki– nearly every script I’ve written (a dozen or so) started with pieces and ideas from the Wiki. I’m sure there are hundreds (thousands?) of people who would say the same. I’m very thankful to you and all the folks who maintain and contribute there.

    I don’t know you in game, but people who contribute and help others in Second Life are the best class of people in that virtual world…thank you!

  9. Chandra Page

    Welcome to the blogosphere, one of the worst-named communities ever devised by humankind! I look forward to reading your nuggets of commentary on Second Life and whatever else it is you plan in here. And I’ll add my thanks regarding the LSL wiki; I don’t even want to contemplate scripting in SL without it.