LSL Wiki back up at

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It’s true, the LSL Wiki has returned, now hosted at This is the complete database as it existed on as of the moment it was taken down. Your logins are all the same. There’s still a couple redirect problems I haven’t cleaned out yet, but it works. I’ll finish fixing that stuff tomorrow. In the meantime, happy LSLing.

Edit: There will be changes and upgrades to the wiki in the near future. Some of this may include porting the database to a more modern wiki engine. I’m certainly not making this decision alone, but I haven’t decided what I want to do yet.

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  1. SuezanneC Baskerville

    It’s sad seeing this old blog entry at the top of the list when you put “catherine omega” and lsl and wiki in as search terms in Google.

    The LL provided one is not likely to match the real thing. It uses “Caveats” instead of “Warnings”. It is in Mediawiki, urggh.