LSL Wiki relocating

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Due to the recent security issues affecting Second Life, the LSL Wiki will no longer be hosted on the Second Life website I’ll post additional updates here next week when it relocates to its new home at

In the meantime, a few users have a backup available here.

16 Responses to “LSL Wiki relocating”

  1. Gigs Taggart

    Once we’re done moving it to mediawiki, will you put that up on

  2. Catherine Omega

    If it turns out that the MediaWiki platform looks like the best way to go, then yes. I’m a little concerned about flexibility issues with page naming. I haven’t checked in a couple months, but case sensitivity in page titles is still an issue, no?

  3. Gigs Taggart

    Yes. First character must be capital.

    I don’t think it’s a critical problem though. Wikipedia seems to manage OK.

  4. Thraxis Epsilon

    For MediaWiki, it is case Sensitive for all characters BUT the first. By default it will set the first character to uppercase, but on links it will accept either case.

    As for moving over to MediaWiki.. there is a script floating around to do the conversion from wakka to MediaWikki, if you have access to both databases.

  5. Catherine Omega

    Yes, but the bulk of Wikipedia’s articles don’t have mandatory lowercase leading characters, whereas the LSL wiki’s subject matter does. Placing a notation that it’s actually “llOwnerSay”, rather than “LlOwnerSay” is done easily enough, but it sure doesn’t help readability.

  6. Gigs Taggart

    Looks like there might be a flag to fix it. Thraxis, can you look into that?

  7. Gigs Taggart

    # $wgCapitalLinks — Set this to false to avoid forcing the first letter of links to capitals.

  8. Catherine Omega

    That sounds pretty good then. Can you clarify something though? The problem that MediaWiki seemed to have back when we first looked at porting it was that if I flag that, it then ends up having problems with case recognition. “llSetColor” is treated differently than “llsetcolor”.

    Is this behavior still the case?

  9. Thraxis Epsilon

    Changing that flag makes the Wiki compleatly case sensitive. With that flag not set only the first letter is not case sensitive.

    so llSetColor and LlSetColor with the flag set are two different pages, without it they are the same page.

  10. Catherine Omega

    So there’s no way to maintain case sensitivity without automatically capitalizing the leading character of a page name?

    If so, what do you guys think is the best way to handle that in that case?

  11. Gigs Taggart

    I’d say make it completely case sensitive and put in lower case redirects.

  12. Gigs Taggart

    You got it backward anyway Catherine, it’s case sensitive if we allow lower case first letter, and not case sensitive in the default mode of making the first letter upper case.

  13. Thraxis Epsilon

    Catherine… you are more than welcome to use the MediaWiki to sandbox on

  14. ZenMondo

    I’m looking forward to the new home of the wiki. Though you won’t get any complaints from me because I don’t want to look at sparkly heart logo every day.

    I’m glad to see you can keep a sense of humor about things.