Interactivity != better

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This may be the least effective use of an interactive map infographic ever. It attempts to present information on an important subject, but it’s very difficult to take in due to poor UI and ineffective use of the map itself.

Why on earth does this tool use the same icon for identifying a target country as the button you click on to determine information about the top 10 countries with female political leadership and so on?

If I click on a country name, shouldn’t I be able to see it highlighted? Doesn’t it make sense to see how regions are ranked? I realize this isn’t a university mapping textbook, but honestly now.

When comparing regions, static maps can be far, far more compelling and contain much more relevant information. Cases in point. Bad CBC!

One Response to “Interactivity != better”

  1. Mark Cossin

    I am a freak when it comes to poor execution of interfaces but I found this one to be pretty effective. My only compliant would be not to hide the lower half of the map when displaying stats.

    Anyway, I enjoyed reading your blog posts. Thank you!