Second Life: The Official Guide ships!

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So I guess it’s probably about time I updated the look of this blog. It’s come to my attention that I may be the only published blogger not to have plugged their book on their site in every possible way. Maybe I should do something about that…

Second Life: The Official Guide book cover

Commence plugging:

I wrote part of Second Life: The Official Guide — specifically, the chapter on building — with such prominent SL community fixtures as…

Wagner James Au (“Hamlet Au to you”) of New World Notes, and current spokesman for the California “Just Say No” campaign.

BuhBuhCuh Fairchild of Alt-Zoom Studios, where you would frequently be able to see my many, many machinima films if I was the sort of person who got around to doing things like bother to blog that I coauthored a book.

Cory (Linden) Ondrejka, Linden Lab CTO and mastermind behind the long-term Linden Scripting Language psychiatric stress tolerance study.

Mark Wallace of, who I really must remember to tease about this post.

…And of course, the incredibly prolific strategy guide author Michael Rymaszewski, whose name I can totally spell.

And now, some vague and arbitrary numbers, the most important metric by which to judge a book! Yesterday, Second Life: The Official Guide was at #63 on Amazon’s Computers and Internet Bestsellers list, and #4,320 in Books.

As of this writing, it’s at #44 and #1,838 respectively. So yeah, I thought that was pretty cool.

3 Responses to “Second Life: The Official Guide ships!”

  1. Natalia Zelmanov

    Catherine, Im so glad to find someone who actually contributed to the “Second Life: The Official Guide”!

    Can I ask you a question pls? Is there someone within Linden I can contact if I am interested in writing a technical book about Second Life?

    Thank you so much! :)