Maki Mac Mitt!

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Fear not, citizens! To better help me fight crime do my new job, I got a new MacBook Pro for work. It’s pretty shiny. And scratchable, by the looks of things. To protect its finish and maintain a sharp, professional image for meetings, it’s important to always travel with the MacBook secured inside a durable, padded sleeve. Also, the sleeve should have pictures of sushi on it.

sushi laptop sleeve

Say it with me: “awwwww!”

Want your own? I ordered this spiffy, custom-made sleeve from Saltygal on She makes super-cool stuff, and for very affordable prices. I’m going to order more. At random. It’ll be good.

(I’d also like to note that while the above photo was posed, it was not actually staged. I really was –and continue to be– that excited.)

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