Northern Voice 2007: Day 1 — MooseCamp

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So I’m at Northern Voice this weekend! Friday’s agenda is MooseCamp: the “unconference”. This morning, people seemed interested in a session about Second Life, so I signed up to run one after lunch. Now even more bloggers know about Goreans, furries and lag. Mission accomplished.
Today’s highlights included:

  1. Realizing that it’s at the main Point Grey campus of UBC, not Robson Square this year… about 10 minutes before I left.
  2. This guy. Jeremy David runs “Choose my Adventure”, a blog where his readers get to tell him what to do. His poll asks, “Should I wear my Dragon Costume at the Blogging Conference?” The answer was clearly yes.
  3. Meeting more people who had never used SL but who had heard of it than I ever had before in my life. There wasn’t any “so, it’s like Active Worlds/The Palace/The Sims, right?” And nobody seemed to be aware of it because “you can make money in Second Life”, they seemed to have heard about it because it’s an online community where you can do anything you want. That was… novel.

Tomorrow I’ll be doing a more formal talk on virtual worlds and communities along with Jeff Henshaw, executive producer for Xbox Digital Entertainment. I’m going to make it all up.

4 Responses to “Northern Voice 2007: Day 1 — MooseCamp”

  1. Jeremy David

    Ha ha wow what a great picture! Lot’s of fun!

    I’m still really interested in Second Life. I am going to pester you about it later. If the user interface is ever made simpler, I have a feeling it could be really big… not that 3 million users is small, ha ha.