The LSL Wiki finds a new home

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After a couple months of fighting to retrieve data from my ISP, arguing about whether or not I had the right to transfer the domain name — and finally buying a new one — followed by a couple days’ worth of messing about with MySQL, I’m pleased to say the LSL Wiki has returned, in editable, “current” form. Your old logins and passwords work.

Everything is the way it was at the moment the wiki went down. Nothing’s changed, we just wanted to get an editable wiki back up, but we have some fixes and addons to be rolled out over the next couple of weeks.

One catch though: this time, it’s at I’ve put up redirects at the old site at, but it remains to be seen whether or not I’ll ever be able to recover that domain and put it to more useful… use.

This announcement comes right on the heels of Milo Linden’s “ohhh yeahhhh…” forum post:

Currently on the aditi beta grid.

llSetLinkTexture(integer link_pos, string texture, integer face)
Sets the texture of face for link_pos

llSetLinkPrimitiveParams(integer linknumber, list rules)
Set primitive parameters for linknumber based on rules.

Yes! It’s about time! (By which I mean, “thank you for the continued steady fulfillment of the userbase’s most desired wishes, Linden Lab.”) These are two of the biggest “missing functions” in LSL. With their addition, scripters can update all prims in an object with one script instead of a hundred or more.

Now, let’s get to work updating this thing!

13 Responses to “The LSL Wiki finds a new home”

  1. Torley

    Congrats Cat, and thankyou for letting me know! Nice timing! *does yay hands* And now I have a mental image of Milo as Boris Blank from Yello. o.O

  2. SiRiS Asturias

    Kick ass Cat! Please let me know if you need some help pressuring the old domain registry about the .com. That’s BS if they think you don’t own it & to have all 3 domains centralized in the future as we had talked about will be awesome!

    Thanks again for your continued efforts with this. =)

  3. Salazar Jack

    I really appreciate this being available again. Thanks for muscling this through. I’ve missed it–even though I’m not much of a scriptor. It was one of the friendliest places, for me, to learn how to program LSL.

  4. SuezanneC Baskerville

    I’m glad to read this news. I missed the good old LSL wiki.

  5. Catherine Omega

    Me: ”Is what you’re telling me actually true though?”
    Them: ”No, that’s a lie.”

    * Note: I can’t actually remember whose Tier 1 support that was, so I won’t name names.

  6. Kami Harbinger

    Woo-hoo! Thanks, Cat!

    I’m glad this situation got the Lindens to make their own wiki, too, but it’s pretty spartan. Much prefer yours being back.

  7. Udo Tuxing

    WTG Cat! Thanks for the wiki and all your help!! You are the best! (I have to search my inventory for some used female clothing i can give you >B)) )