Obligatory “return to blogging” post

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Aren’t all blogs supposed to have one of these after an extended absence of posts?

8 Responses to “Obligatory “return to blogging” post”

  1. Ezhar

    Yes, but usually they contain some lengthy apologising about how you didn’t post because you were so depressed because your pet bunny got bitten by a spider and had to be put down (while you actually just forgot you had a blog for a while but you’re too embarrassed to admit that).

  2. Ordinal Malaprop

    Yes, but to do it properly you have to say “sorry for being away for so long”, make some vague hand-waving excuse about having been really busy, and promise to update more regularly. Traditionally, one then does not make a further entry for at least a month.

  3. Udo Tuxing

    Well, from my experience these posts are usually the last post in a dead blog ^^ . Soon comments like: “Hey Cat, are you still alive?” will appear :-P