Sickgue: backups are spiffy!

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I’m sick. Sure, I’m getting over it now, but it’s been a couple of days. I’m not actually sure what I have, only that it sucks. So far, I’m pretending it wasn’t due to my walking to the pharmacy in the rain the day before I started seeing symptoms. No, that’s crazy talk.

Recently, it seems like everyone I know is either sick, or involved in some massive family/social life drama, or having stuff stolen. I lost one half of a pair of earrings, Eric lost his camera equipment and Rob from Social Signal had his MacBook stolen.

Rob, of course, had the courage to at least put on a brave entertaining face for the rest of us, but man… that had to hurt. After a quick “back up your data, seriously” conversation, I did just that. Badly. But I’m going to grab another drive this week, so… you know, please don’t steal it before then, guys.

In the meantime, I’ve been thinking about ways of LoJacking my MacBook Pro to produce some kind of entertaining photoblog of snapshots of whoever stole it, complete with a record of access points detected, cross-referenced to WiFiMug. (or better yet, some obsessive wardriver’s map!)

Experience tells me that stolen laptops are rarely recovered, and that photos of computer thieves are frequently faked. Still, it’s something I’m setting up just in case.

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