Catherine on Lab with Leo

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Yes, yes. Lots of people were complaining that I hadn’t blogged about my appearance last year on Lab with Leo. So yeah, I was on it. Looking like a dork.



4 Responses to “Catherine on Lab with Leo”

  1. AnneDroid

    Did he make you sit down, so you wouldn’t tower over him ominously? ;)

    But hurray for updates!

    I’m going to put his closing quote in my profile, “you never know, Second Life might be the next big thing.” Heh.

  2. Torley

    Oh !@#$ I didn’t know about this until now, when I heard about it from an interview with Hamlet. My congrats are thus long overdue… wonderful “in the flesh” appearance!

    If you’re a dork, then “dork” has become a compliment!