Catherine is employed and blogging about Art Spiegelman

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So I’m blogging for my employers, the Masters of Digital Media Program. I scored tickets for the Vancouver Art Gallery/Centre for Digital Media (that’s us!) joint speakers series, KRAZY! Talk Industry Giants, held in conjunction with the KRAZY! comics + video games + anime + other stuff exhibition at VAG, and so, I’ve been blogging my thoughts about each lecture.

By agreement with my boss, these posts will not consist of a giant sarcastic rant about the use of exclamation marks in names of proper nouns, how to end a sentence with ‘KRAZY!’, nor the thirteen different fonts Ticketmaster used on the tickets to the events. This last one in particular will be tough. One of them is Comic Sans.

The first post –featuring my thoughts on what a generally all-around swell guy Art Spiegelman is– went up a few days ago. Coming up, Tim Johnson, M/M Paris and Will Wright.

Do check it out, won’t you?

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  1. erik

    Ok so I checked it out and I didn’t understand a friggin word of it. Thanks for posting stuff so far over my head, Omega!