LOLcat art show? I am definitely going to this.

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Readers, I ask you: how many times have each of us stared wistfully out into space, lost in thought, hoping against hope that one day, somehow, there would be a local exhibition of pen-and-ink LOLcat-inspired art? I know that I myself have lost too many hours to count. Finally, just when things seemed at their bleakest, with moralist crackdowns on LOLcat macro images taking place across the globe, the day has come at last!

I iz still happycat; this just mi poker faceVancouverites, LOLcat connoisseurs and art enthusiasts rejoice!

This Monday, July 21st, ClackClack Empire in Vancouver’s Chinatown hosts the opening reception for I can’t believe we both got cats: LOLcat art, featuring works by Seattle-based artist Marianne Goldin! Sweet!

For details, check out the listing on Upcoming, or consult the artist’s statement. I liked this part:

LOLcats can take on a meritocratic tone, since not all cats are made equal — an ideal model oozes with pathos and photogeneity. There are even Weberian “ideal types” to be found — styles and families of LOLcat: the terse Zen koan, the Invisible (fill in the blank), and the various motifs of Ceiling Cat. Many instances use cats to allegorize human frustrations with technology.

You should definitely come. It’s free! Also, LOLcat art.

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