A question about Russia

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Has Russia, in any of her historic guises, ever invaded a neighbouring state, won, and then withdrawn?

I see.

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  1. AnneDroid

    I really don’t yet understand the dynamics and history of Osettia, much to my own shame.
    However, I feel fully justified in saying that withdrawl after a successful invasion is rare anywhere, never mind just Russia.

  2. Wordfromthe Wise

    i am not really into politics but i love to help a fellow SL Resident out with international geopolitics ;-)

    i dont know where you are from ; but your News sources are somehow incorrect. Russia never “invaded” ossetia .. read some more foreign press .. (i am no russia nor am i pro russia) .. it was a agression from the georgian side (georgian troups attacked the city of Zchinwali) and Russia helped the ossetian people out (despite the intensions of the russian side)
    .. remeber most ossetian people have/are russian passports .. ossetia has ceasefire with russia since 1992 . for this russia has about 1000 soldiers (peace troups) in ossetia.

    and if you are from the US i can tell you why your news are slightly not correct. was it the US that want to install a rocket / space based “Protection Shield” on the polish an czech border ? now .. you see


  3. Catherine Winters

    I think you might have misunderstood the question, Wordfromthe Wise. I wasn’t talking about South Osettia, but rather, Georgia — which Russia has not yet withdrawn fully from a month later, despite winning quite handily.

    And of course the Canadian media talks about the ridiculous corporate welfare and treaty violating the US is up to at the moment with this ABM nonsense. It’s purely to send money to Lockheed Martin and interfere with Europe’s affairs.