“49 posts? How short can they be?”

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The question I’ve been asked more than “why?” or, “are you drunk?” is, “how short can your posts be”? This is a good question! I suppose brevity IS fastest, but there’s something dissatisfying about “only” taking 30 minutes for a blog post. Surely there must be a clever way to make it look as though I’m busy, right? And one that doesn’t involve writing “how to procrastinate” meta-posts?

Googling “how to cheat at blogathon” revealed nothing. It will now!
how to cheat at blogathon

When talking to my friend G from Manila, I suggested I could write all my posts in haiku form. This was met with some skepticism. Fortunately, my friend Sanja cleared the use of photos. It’s cool, everyone! Plus, they’re more eye-grabbing than text, to boot!

My research did indicate that apparently, the first rule of Blogathon is don’t talk about Blogathon. Damn. MentalHealthCamp organizers Raul and Isabella have been posting about things they’re passionate about over at Raul’s site, Hummingbird604.com.

Fortunately, while I may not have a cohesive theme, I am preparing a bunch of actual posts with content rather than complaining about having to prepare a bunch of actual posts, etc, etc.

Anyway, enough with these meta-blogathon posts. Next: Complaining about things!

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