Blogathon 2009: Catherine needs panniers!

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So I was working on my next post here at Workspace, when who should arrive but noted fountain pen enthusiast and friend to WordPress themers everywhere, Tris Hussey![1]

Which is good, because he very graciously tolerated my inadvertent inviting-myself-along-to-dinner last night, and answered my questions about categories and post visibility and things.

And even more importantly, he brought his incredibly fancy bicycle panniers that I want now that he’s showed them off to me.

The Axiom Lesalle panniers come with all kinds of crazy features: as this review notes, you could take them in the shower. You know, if that’s the sort of thing you’re into.

These bags come with waterproof covers, but the bags themselves are water resistant and I haven’t yet bothered using the covers. Lacking a true deluge in which to test them, Denise did put one bag into her shower with the cover on, and it remained waterproof.

Soon now, Axiom Lesalle panniers. Soon you will be mine.

And they look great, attached to my new rear rack. Needless to say, I must have them. Sorry, Tris.

Soon now. Soon they will be mine.

[1] Tris is running a series of WordPress classes in the next few weeks: don’t know WordPress? Need to know WordpPress even better? Check them out.

4 Responses to “Blogathon 2009: Catherine needs panniers!”

  1. Sanja

    Those saddle bags seem all well and good, but really, how much damage could they do to the car that runs them over? Not much, I bet.

    Also, I’ve decided to donate $1 for every blog post you…um, post!

    Cupcake pictures couldn’t hurt. Just sayin’.