Blogathon 2009: I’m only happy when it rains.

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Unexpectedly, it seems that the lower mainland is getting a bit of rain today! “Chance of cloud” in Vancouver turned into thundershowers in the Fraser Valley.

There’s already been a couple lightning strikes in the PoCo area, by the sound of the thunder. I love how a thunderstrike brings up multiple “Wow, lightning! Did you hear that?” entries on IM and Twitter.

(Yes we did.)

Now, I like to travel with a variety of equipment. Extra power cord, towel, etc. Today, I may have brought more than is typical.

In fact, three times today, the following conversation occurred:
“Catherine, wow. You, uh… brought a lot of stuff.“
“I like to nest. I needed it to feel secure here.“

Yeah, I like to pick what I say for its maximum potential in making people feel totally comfortable with the way the conversation is going.

You’d think I would’ve included an umbrella.

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