Blogathon 2009: In Which Catherine Arrives At Workspace.

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So I just swept in the door here at Workspace, Blogathon supplies and giant bike in hand, my blog post already late… I wasn’t sure what to expect, but 10 people sitting intently, more silent than a library? Yeah, that wasn’t it.

Early morning at Workspace

Naturally, I would have had to have opted for the extra loud-and-obnoxious zippers with which to feel totally self-conscious.

I’m also panting for breath and for some reason, carrying more stuff than everyone who drove. (“It’s cool, that just means you’re OCD, Catherine.”) Perhaps it’s time to invest in some panniers for my bike. Anyone got a pair in good condition they’d like to sell? One on its own?

Being that this is my first Blogathon, and that there’s never been one hosted at Workspace before, I suppose we’re all going to be feeling things out, but come on, people. Party. Party down. Also, I suppose I ought to consider the fact that it’s 7 AM and, judging by the cups here, only one of us has had coffee yet — including me!

There’s at least one or two “actual” Workspace people here getting things done that aren’t alarming 24-hour blogging binges, so I suppose it is best that we not all be topless and hooting and hollering, but I expect we’ll get there as the day drags on.

I’m wondering how likely it would be that I could get away with quoting excerpts from other bloggers’ posts, concluding that no, that’s probably not quite in the spirit of things.

Edit: Raul is finding something exceedingly amusing. And now he’s gone into the other room. What’s up, Raul?

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