Blogathon 2009: In which Catherine supports cancer research

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Blogathon 2009 - July 25th

I’m happy to announce that this Saturday, July 25th, I’ll be participating in Blogathon 2009. My charitable organization of choice? The Canadian Cancer Society.

“So wait, what’s Blogathon?” you may ask, your brow wrinkling up in skepticism.

Allow me to explain! Starting at 6am, I write 48 blog posts, once every half hour, for 24 hours. Towards the end they get kind of rambly and badly-titled as I become entertainingly sleep-deprived.

In exchange, you pledge a donation to my chosen charity, the Canadian Cancer Society.

CCS Logo

“But wait,” you exclaim, your fingers fumbling at the clasp of your wallet, desperate to reach your credit card. “How can I donate money!? Should I drop it off at your house?”

No, I’m afraid even if Revenue Canada and the Canadian Cancer Society were totally cool with that, I’m not a charity. If you were hoping for a tax receipt, my lawyer has advised me I can definitely not offer you one. The CCS can, though!

So, how to donate? Usually, Blogathon works on a pledge system, but you can’t find me on since I signed up at the last moment. Instead, go to the Canadian Cancer Society website and donate directly to them.

Afterwards, why not drop me a message or tweet that you’ve donated and I can mention your donation in my next post? (Anonymously, if you prefer.)

I’ll be at Workspace most of the day with a bunch of other bloggers from Vancouver, but I’ll also be out and about, getting my moblog on, as the kids probably do not say.

If you’re interested in checking out some of the other Vancouver bloggers participating this year, or hearing more about the colourful history of Blogathon, check out Rebecca Bollwitt’s site at

So follow along and see how things are going! You can stay abreast of the latest Blogathon 2009 posts here.

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  1. Udo Tuxing

    He he he,

    I didn’t really get all these posts from reading your blog backwards .. cool stuff.