Blogathon 2009 — Manny gets a wrong number

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So yeah, this happened to me the other day:

Set phasers on 'stalk'!

Set phasers on ‘stalk’!

Google is handy, no? In retrospect, responding with his name and address a minute later is pretty much the worst possible response next to, “we have your wife.”

I was really wondering, though — how do you even text someone at random? Don’t you generally select the person you’d like to talk to from a list in your contacts? My guess was that it was either typed in wrong or that someone borrowed the guy’s phone as a prank.

Of course, maybe he was just trying to get the word out.

5 Responses to “Blogathon 2009 — Manny gets a wrong number”

  1. Rob

    Well, it does give a certain level of “And I can come to your house and gut you while you sleep!” threat to your otherwise polite response. Maybe disturbing, but far from ineffective. :)

    • Catherine Winters

      Surprisingly, it was more the “hey, you’re not anonymous, idiot” thing that I was going for. It was only in retrospect that I considered the possibility that Manny could have been totally freaked out by it. :)

  2. Rob

    Isn’t that the whole reason we fear others less when we’re anonymous? No chance at retaliation? You say tomato, etc.