Blogathon 2009: Refueling

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Ahh, delicious, delicious food. Courteously donated by Dairy Queen, as it happens. They just delivered it so we’re currently all chowing down. A few people here raised the point earlier that 6am-6am is a pretty difficult schedule to keep, and I definitely agree with that. I usually like to eat lunch 3–4 hours after waking up; Today? About seven hours.

Fortunately, I’m feeling my blogging powers coming back and I reconfigured my desk here at Workspace.

I brought along my trackball and clicky Apple keyboard[1] for use when my fingers became just too sleepy, so I’m good to go there. I’ve boosted my laptop up on some ASP programming books, because, well… insert elitist statement here, baby.

Dairy Queen wasn’t the only organization to have brought us goodies, either. The BC SPCA dropped off a bunch of water bottles and a border collie to entertain us, and the BC Cancer Foundation has a bunch of chips waiting for us on the table. Cool!

[1] In my gym bag, hanging off the housing for my rear brake handle on my drop bars. Nah, I don’t need panniers here.

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