Blogathon 2009: The Get-Out-Of-Beddening.

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Fans, I’m up bright and early and set for a full 24 hours of blogging.

The temperature is supposed to get up to 27 today, and I’m hoping for some wind to keep things cool. Thankfully, I’m not blogging from home, but rather, I’ll be heading down to the blogging sweatshop that is Workspace shortly to meet up with the majority of Vancouver’s blogathoning contingent, some of whom are already there. That’s devotion to a cause, people.[1]

I have a bunch of rough ideas for posts and I’m sure things will get just meta as all-get-out at Workspace as “wow, I’m at Blogathon and there’s other bloggers here” posts turn to “so… so very tired.”

Wait, why the hell am I doing this again? Oh right. To raise money and awareness for the Canadian Cancer Society. I GUESS that’s okay. Speaking of, you should donate! Remember, if you’ve got something you think I should be talking about on here today,[2] I can be bought.

So, one update down, 48 to go.

[1] Okay, fine. Causes.

[2] Also, 25% of tomorrow.

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