Catherine Grows as a Person

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Since attending Media that Matters 2009 at Hollyhock this May, I’ve been feeling very introspective.

To say I was skeptical of some aspects of the conference beforehand would be a terrible, terrible understatement. On the ride up with former coworker Jnet:
Her: “So are you recovered from your flu?” [Swine flu, I swear.]
Me: “I guess, yeah… I’m still not very hungry.“
Her: “Well, you’ll have lots of good vegetarian cooking at Cortes.“
Me: “…Whaaah? Awwww.”

I know! Fortunately, said vegetarian cooking turned out to be delicious and, contrary to our hosts’ warning, I didn’t totally fart the entire time. Upon leaving Cortes, Jnet and I immediately went to a Wendy’s in Campbell River, but that’s neither here nor there. It was good, trust me.

Now, I’m not a super-huggy person, and there was a bit more hugging than I’m used to, which is honestly saying a lot, coming from the Vancouver social media scene. There was also a substantially greater-than-usual amount of talking about ambitions and goals and feelings and things. On the other hand, there were parts I was really interested in, such as answering the question, “is it possible to create a new medium and use it for artistic purposes without the first few years of its existence being used expressly to discuss that medium?” (See photography, cave painting, the web, Twitter, etc.) The answer: maybe?

Despite my skepticism, it turned out that there were parts that proved extremely valuable to me. Incredibly, these were the parts that involved tackling issues and feelings! And talking about them! If the words “coaching circle” make you wrinkle your nose in pain, you’re experiencing more or less the same sort of anticipation as I was beforehand.

And yet, the coaching circle was extremely helpful after all. Of course, there were still parts of Media that Matters that I was perhaps a little too much of a cynical prude to enjoy.

So I got back and decided I needed to make some changes. So I’m trying new things this summer. First of all, as mentioned in my last post, my knees have finally recovered enough for me to get places with my exercise regimen. (I think my problem with the stationary bike is that I get bored and always have a sneaking suspicion that I’m accomplishing less than I ought to be. I might end up buying a trainer for my bike, since there’s plenty on Craigslist, but actually using it without feeling like I’m just screwing around, that will be the challenge.)

So, exercise. What else?

  • Writing more. Theoretically.
  • Actually building a bicycle instead of just buying one.
  • Knitting classes at Three Bags Full on Main Street. I’ve never knit before.
  • Going to more art shows. More barbeques. More events.
  • Quitting my job and going to art school.

Oh yeah. That last one. I’m entering Langara College’s Fine Arts program in September, then transferring to Emily Carr to finish up my undergrad. So that’s new too.

8 Responses to “Catherine Grows as a Person”

  1. Boris Mann

    Congrats! I’m always impressed by people that a) go through with these things and then b) even more so when they publicly talk about it.

    • Catherine Winters

      Thanks, Boris! School is the biggest change and has obviously been in the works for a while, but things look all official now, so I thought I’d share.

  2. Cathy Browne

    Way to go! Congratulations on articulating your goals and acting on them…best of luck in everything you accomplish.

  3. roro

    Woooooooooo! That’s so exciting! Look at you, making big life changes, rockin’ it out!! Good on you!

    Of course I’m talking about the knitting here. School is cool too, but really, it’s all about the fibre arts. I look forward to our old lady knitting circles, which I trust will commence any day now!!

  4. Matt

    That’s great that’s all official now. Send me an invite the next time you go to an art show. I’de like to go to more of those too.

  5. David

    Ah, so _that_ was the thing you couldn’t tell me about when I asked a couple of weeks ago. Congrats! Hey, since you’re going to be going to Emily Carr (later, that is), you’ll then be in my neighborhood a fair amount (I’m a stone’s throw from Granville Island). Cool. :)

    • Catherine Winters

      Thanks, you guys. (Roro, be honest, the bike thing is pretty rad too.)

      Cathy: I think this is actually the longest planning horizon I’ve ever had. (Yikes!)

      Matt: I will be sure to keep you updated! I recently went to one that had topless bodypainting. So naturally, I immediately thought of you.

      David: Tada! Sadly, scheduling might keep me further away from Granville Island for the next couple years. But I look forward to potentially seeing you standing on street corners, park benches, etc. :)