Pride by any other name

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As a quick aside, one argument I’ve heard about the Gay Pride Parade recently is that if its purpose as an activism tool has ended in North America, maybe it shouldn’t be called “Pride” anymore. Honestly though, we have virtually no holidays or traditions that make any sense when viewed from their original contexts. Seriously, Guy Fawkes Day? Valentine’s day? April Fools’ Day? Looking for authenticity in holidays is pretty futile, in my opinion. They are what we want them to be, and they’re significant because we celebrated them last year and the year before that, not because our great-grandparents observed them exactly the same way as we do.

Frankly, in a thousand years, when Pride has become all mixed up with St Patrick’s Day and everyone carries a genetically engineered blue cucumber because that’s traditional, the origin of the day’s name–whatever that may be by then–is just going to be a weird bit of trivia mentioned on the news on years when they need holiday filler.

So there.

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