Mount Pleasant burns down… again.

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I just got back from Kingsway and Broadway, the scene of the latest highly suspicious fire in Mount Pleasant.


For now, I’ve uploaded a Flickr set–tags to follow shortly.

With typical Vancouver cynicism, consensus among most of the bystanders (also, news media, city workers, firefighters, etc.) seemed to be that the soon-to-be-constructed condo towers at Kingsway and Broadway and Main and Broadway would be very nice and profitable indeed.

Update: The Vancouver Sun has also posted an extensive gallery of pre-dawn photos.

Update #1: I made a Google Map illustrating what might be in store for Main Street when developers get some of this land rezoned.

One Response to “Mount Pleasant burns down… again.”

  1. mopNbucket

    Thanks for posting the photos — we’re one of the tenants on the only building left standing on this corner. It was funny — just a few days before the fire — I was thinking we’re probably next to burn over Christmas holidays…