On Haiti and Sarcasm

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Dear CBC Commenter:

I understand that “some of [your] best friends are Haitian” and that you’re only talking about the “bad ones” when you say “Canada will be overrun by gangs and HIV” if we fast-track the immigration process for Haitian refugees. I get that you’re not really a racist, I do.

In fact, I totally agree with your thoughts on it being “their problem” for living on a fault line, or that “those people” should have taken matters into their own hands and risen up against the succession of vile dictators more frequently. Clearly a country with such a rich history of coups could do better. Heck, the Americans were there for 20 years to help out, and where are their thanks?

And let’s face it, a country that poor? “What would they do for us,” indeed?

…you complete asshole.

4 Responses to “On Haiti and Sarcasm”

  1. CanadianKelli

    Really…are there really people that think like this?! could we trade them for the Haitian refugees?

  2. TheMindFantastic

    Yep… infact most of the commenting on CBC forums seem to suffer from drive by trolling. Most of it is against the ruling party in power whomever that may be at the time, even when the actual article couldn’t in any which way be construed to include them (Article: “Puppy’s Are Cute says CBC Viewers” Commenter:“IT’S ALL HARPERS FAULT!!!!!” ). Few if any people actually seem to do even the most vague research on their arguments if they are at all on topic (and those that aren’t obviously more so). Pretty much the commenting area of CBC is an Asshole Occupied Zone (AOZ).

  3. Sanja

    I feel so dirty now. I should have stopped reading after the first few pages.

    “Nowayout wrote: “How, exactly, do we end up with their problems?

    How for a start.….MONEY? Who’s going to pay? After they come here, they go back rich retired canadians like 6,000 there!””

    “I hope they check them for aids, disease, and criminal records before they let them into Canada, Harper should worry about the poor and hungry in Canada before worrying about other countries (do you think Haiti would help us if we were in their situation?)”

    “No do not fast track– Been to Montreal lately. That is likely where they will set up camp. There are already Haitian gang problems in Montreal.”

    “The # 1 asset of any country is its citizens to loot a country of this asset in time of venerability just seems wrong somehow”