Catherine is not speaking at SL Pro!

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Contrary to popular belief, I will not be speaking at the upcoming SL Pro! conference this month. I had some recent questions about that point, so I wanted to clear things up in case you were planning on emailing me:

  • To say you are excited to hear I was speaking
  • To ask questions about why on earth I would speak at SL Pro!
  • Expressing surprise that I have been in Second Life at all in the past 2 years
  • Telling me I have no business speaking about anything
  • Complaining about a video you saw of me
  • Complaining about LSL
  • Complaining about a script I wrote in 2004
  • Asserting that women who use computers or are literate taint the purity of the Aryan race–yes, even women of colour–and that gays and lesbians should be arrested and sent to concentration camps.

So yeah, I just wanted to clear that up.

5 Responses to “Catherine is not speaking at SL Pro!”

  1. Catherine Winters

    All my hard-won secrets and tips are independent of LSL.

    For developers:
    1. Document everything.
    2. Use version control.
    3. Use bug tracking/ticketing.
    4. Record the last time something worked.

    For contractors:
    1. Get a contract. Every time.
    2. Do not charge a lesser rate for support than for development. You make $x/hr. Period.

    For everybody:
    1. Back up everything. You WILL lose it eventually.

    This handy guide will see any and all projects through updates, developer changes and client password resets.

  2. GregEh

    So uh, they just name dropped you to benefit their conference? Did they contact you at all?