Catherine is speaking at WordCamp Vancouver 2010

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WordPress LogoHappy news, Vancouver-area WordPress users!

I’m pleased to confirm that, yes, I will be at WordCamp Vancouver 2010 on June 12. I’ll be speaking with Tris Hussey about the upcoming (Possibly just-released by then!) WordPress 3.0 and child themes. For more information about child themes, check out Tris’ blog.

Personally, I’m excited about the new content types and menu features available in WP 3.0 and I’m looking forward to seeing what people do with them. Remember, WordPress isn’t just for blogs!

As a longtime Drupal developer, I’m particularly impressed to realize that all but three sites I’ve ever worked on could be implemented in WordPress 3.0 as or more easily than the Drupal, ExpressionEngine, or Plone backends they were built with. As such, I’ll be paying close attention to the “WordPress as a CMS” panel discussion with Christine Rondeau, Cam Cavers, and Dave Zille.

I’ll also be volunteering at the WP Genius Bar, where I’ll be free to answer any questions you might have or help fix any problems you might be having with your blog. I’m particularly happy to offer advice on WP 3.0 or child themes, topics I enjoy doing more than just give talks about.

If you don’t already have tickets to WordCamp Vancouver, I’m afraid they’ve sold out, so tough beans. However, as the WordCamp Vancouver site notes:

Tickets are currently sold out, but we’re hoping to release a few more before the event, so hang tight!

Fingers crossed!

I hope to see you there–and if you have any questions about child themes, leave a comment on this post! I’d love to hear about what people are interested in.

5 Responses to “Catherine is speaking at WordCamp Vancouver 2010”

  1. Sanja

    Well–I’ve got my ticket, people!

    Also, guess what Catherine? I now frequent a wordpress enabled website (is that even the right way to say that?). It’s about food — the operater’s reviewed a lot of Korean places in the lower mainland, especially Burnaby. So…go wordpress!

    • Catherine Winters

      I would say “site that runs on WordPress” or “WordPress-powered blog”. Hell, just “blog” is getting to be implicit, given WordPress’ market share these days.

  2. christine

    Anything in particular you want us to cover in the panel? If you have a burning question, feel free to let me know.

    Until then…