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Purpose:Telling you what I software I use.

Allow me to introduce a new feature here at Omega Point: Catherine Uses…! But what is that, you ask?

Readers, as you can imagine, I get asked to endorse all manner of products: video games, athletic shoes, questionable dietary supplements… the list goes on. Rest assured, it’s only my strong sense of ethics and responsibly that keeps me from shilling for anything that comes my way. (Are you from Golden Palace? Let’s talk.)

Moreover, would anyone really believe it when I did sell out? I know when I’ve finished a hard day’s work pretending to enjoy Red Bull and signing autographs, there’s nothing I like more than to take a load off and curl up with a nice, frequently-used product or application.

If only there were a way to combine the two! Then it hit me: what better endorsement could I offer than a nod to something I actually use myself?

As my friends can attest, there’s nothing I like more than telling people about neat software I’ve discovered, or which shell scripts they should be using to make their lives easier. Also, fonts. I definitely like those.

“Um, obviously,” I am probably saying, as I set everyone straight about some program or other. (Photo by Jeremy Lim.)

So really, it’s a win all around. Catherine Uses… will be a regular feature on Omega Point, bringing you mini-reviews of only the tools, techniques and time-wasters I use most frequently.

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