WordCamp Vancouver 2010: Tris and Catherine tell you why your current WordPress theme sucks.

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So! WordCamp Vancouver 2010, huh? That was pretty good, I thought. I particularly enjoyed the “Is WordPress a CMS?” panel featuring Dave, Christine and Cam. Consensus: Sort of! Maybe!

As promised, Tris Hussey and I presented “WordPress 3.0 & Parent-Child Themes”

Being a generally nice sort of person, I let Tris cover the whole, “check it, I’m dragging categories and posts and things into a menu” bit–definitely a crowd-pleaser, that.

As I mentioned on Twitter, I’m hoping to post a quick FAQ up tomorrow answering the four or five main questions I’ve been asked after our presentation. (Ooh, magazine themes! Picking good parent themes! Multisite! Etc!)

For our slides, please consult Tris’ SlideShare account, or move your eyes slightly downward to the embedded SlideShare widget immediately following this sentence.

Also, be sure to check out Tris’ thoughts at his blog!

Update: For those who have asked, yes, it does appear that WordCamp was filmed, and on what appeared to be a Canon XL H1, so with any luck, we can all look forward to checking out my pores.

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  1. Jon Jennings

    I think I’ve told Tris this several times already but for some reason I haven’t spread the love evenly: I wanted to tell you how much I’ve been enjoying the speaking work the two of you are doing — both the audio work you’ve done together for Tris’ books and your presentation at WordCamp. You both have a wonderful calm, intelligent and endearing presentation manner that (I feel) connects well with an audience and you feed off each other very well. Well done.