Xmarks Shutdown Update!

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In a followup post to last Monday’s sad news about Xmarks’ impending shutdown, Xmarks CEO James Joaquin explains some of the overhead issues and funding requirements that have led to this situation.

In response to the cries of “noooo” from those of us who rely on Xmarks to sync our bookmarks cross-platform, Xmarks have opened a PledgeBank list asking users to pledge if they would pay $10 a year for a premium version of Xmarks–functionality to be decided later.

Currently, about 3000 users a day are pledging, which is significant, but not sustainable–so if any of this is news to you, and Xmarks is a service you rely on, sign up now.

One Response to “Xmarks Shutdown Update!”

  1. Jan Karlsbjerg

    Yeah, hopefully it didn’t come as a surprise to anyone that there’s overhead to a cloud synch service like this. Open Source and gung ho crowd sourcing does not a server farm make.