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Disruptive Tech Watch: Blockbuster delisted from NYSE

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With a share price below $1 and market capitalization bellow $75 million, video rental giant Blockbuster has been in trouble for some time now. The New York Stock Exchange is about to formally delist the company’s stock from their exchange, after the company’s last-ditch efforts to remain listed were deemed not to have met the… Read more »

Failed slogans: “Woodbridge: the wine that takes 2 hours to choke down”

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So there I was, waiting to meet a friend for sushi, when she called to let me know she was running a little behind. What to do, what to do? Why hello, Liquor Store! This particular BC Liquor Store is located in Vancouver’s classiest shopping establishment, Kingsgate Mall. Home to the Worst Washroom in Canada,1… Read more »

Blogathon 2009: What does Marcellus Wallace look like?

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So I’m working on a single-serving site to finally make use of my other domain. Functionally, it’ll be a business card of sorts, featuring a more coherent bio, with links to the various ways I can be contacted online. Ultimately, I suspect I’ll roll this site into it. Anyway, while the art style I’m using is… Read more »

Blogathon 2009: “Legally, we have to refer to you as Catherine December.”

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After hearing Dave Olsen talk a bit about the restrictions being applied — in particular, to the “pedestrian corridors” being established here in Vancouver during the Olympics, I’m concerned about the implications for free speech, as well as the potential for these laws to endure after the Olympics have ended. I’ve been convinced for a long… Read more »

Blogathon 2009: The Typography of Idiocracy

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So I’m a giant typography nerd, as any of my friends can attest: Me: “Hey, a friend of a friend designed the font they’re using in that logo!“ Every single other person I know: “Yeah, that’s super, Catherine.” As such, I enjoyed this analysis of the fonts and branding featured in Mike Judge’s 2007 eugenicist… Read more »


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A few weeks ago, I bought a new Kensington Expert Mouse to use at home. A friend helped me out, by having it shipped to her address in Washington to take advantage of a really good deal was offering to US-based customers. I ended up saving something like $60. Sweet. Deal. So, my first… Read more »

Catherine Omega Teaches You DVORAK

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Catherine: Some person on Craigslist keeps trying to sell “Guildwars: Fractions”. Catherine: I was thinking that was totally a good idea. Catherine: You could have “Warcraft: Algebra Adventure!” D: Heh. Catherine: Ooh, _I_ should license MY likeness! Catherine: I could be an edutainment LEGEND. D: :) Catherine: “Catherine Omega Yells at You Until You Use Commas… Read more »

How to write a US Political Thriller: Start with the Secret Service codenames.

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So the most pressing question of the post US-election period, beyond “did adults seriously come up with the name ‘labradoodle’?” and “will Team Obama need to buy their own keyboards?” is clearly, “what is Sasha Obama’s Secret Service codename?” Apparently, it’s Rosebud. I find that a little weird on its own, but particularly so in… Read more »