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LastPass acquires Xmarks!

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So it’s official: my bookmark synchronization platform and plugin of choice, Xmarks, will be taken over by password-storing service LastPass. Creepy in theory, but actually fairly secure, LastPass offers a series of browser plugins that allow users to manage passwords for a variety of services and then sync them to other platforms. You know, like… Read more »

XMarks deathwatch cancelled — but will Freemium be enough?

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So this happened. My personal bookmark syncing tool of choice, Xmarks, won’t be disappearing after all. Xmarks CEO James Joaquin writes: The Xmarks service will evolve to have both a free component and a premium component – we’ll share all the details once the deal is done. Cool. But this raises a good point: Xmarks got to this… Read more »

Xmarks Shutdown Update!

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In a followup post to last Monday’s sad news about Xmarks’ impending shutdown, Xmarks CEO James Joaquin explains some of the overhead issues and funding requirements that have led to this situation. In response to the cries of “noooo” from those of us who rely on Xmarks to sync our bookmarks cross-platform, Xmarks have opened a PledgeBank… Read more »

Xmarks bookmark-syncing service shutting down January 10, 2011

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Beyond my operating system, there are a few utilities my workflow really can’t live without. Google Calendar, Firebug, Simplenote, Notational Velocity, Google Reader, TextMate, Synergy. I’ve written about most of these. And then there’s Xmarks, the cross-platform, cross-browser, cloud-based bookmarks synchronization app we’ve all come to know and love. It’ll be discontinued as of January… Read more »

RSS: No, I didn’t notice your new website’s theme.

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Over at the Future Shop Tech Blog, I wrote about RSS feeds, and how I organize them to stay up to date with everything from blog posts to Craigslist searches. If you’re like me and subscribe to hundreds of different feeds, it’s important to figure out a good workflow that helps you focus on what’s… Read more »

Future Shop Tech Blog: Catherine is a social butterfly

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“But Catherine,” you might ask, “how is it you always seem to know what’s going on in Vancouver?” Easy. Over at the Future Shop Tech Blog, I’ve written about my foolproof method for organizing and sorting the many events and parties you’re undoubtedly invited to every day. Read the post: Staying on top of Canada Day… Read more »

Catherine Uses…

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Feature:Catherine Uses… Blog:Omega Point Purpose:Telling you what I software I use. Posts:Frequent Price:Free! Allow me to introduce a new feature here at Omega Point: Catherine Uses…! But what is that, you ask? Readers, as you can imagine, I get asked to endorse all manner of products: video games, athletic shoes, questionable dietary supplements… the list goes on.… Read more »

Catherine Uses Synergy+

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Program:Synergy+ Purpose:Two Computers, One Keyboard Price:Free (Open source, GPL) Platform:Mac OS X, Windows, Linux How often do you find yourself in front of your two computers, forgetting which mouse belongs to which, transferring files via FTP or USB flash drive, moaning in agony as you save the contents of your clipboard on one computer to… Read more »