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Where is Catherine Winters?

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So I dropped out of blogging for a while. I’ve been: starting a business starting a relationship moving in with my partner moving offices hiring subcontractors moving offices again getting engaged moving offices again And here I am. I tweet daily at @catherineomega and occasionally update my business site, Winters + Associates.

Catherine needs an office!

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I’m a freelance web designer and developer. This means I don’t–yet–have an office, a staff, personal driver, nor any of the other luxuries one expects in the glamorous world of making websites. Having tried it on-and-off for much of my career, I’ve concluded that it’s extremely difficult for me to work from home, and that… Read more »

Future Shop Tech Blog: Catherine is a social butterfly

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“But Catherine,” you might ask, “how is it you always seem to know what’s going on in Vancouver?” Easy. Over at the Future Shop Tech Blog, I’ve written about my foolproof method for organizing and sorting the many events and parties you’re undoubtedly invited to every day. Read the post: Staying on top of Canada Day… Read more »

A Post in 140 Words: Catherine Remembers Events Accurately

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I’m told certain people have trouble keeping their writing punchy and to the point. Apparently. As I recently told Renee, what Twitter’s done for me–yes, beyond all the espresso machines people keep trying to give me–is force me to tighten up my writing. I wondered if Twitter’s limit of 140 characters helps me keep my… Read more »

WordCamp Vancouver 2010: Tris and Catherine tell you why your current WordPress theme sucks.

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So! WordCamp Vancouver 2010, huh? That was pretty good, I thought. I particularly enjoyed the “Is WordPress a CMS?” panel featuring Dave, Christine and Cam. Consensus: Sort of! Maybe! As promised, Tris Hussey and I presented “WordPress 3.0 & Parent-Child Themes” Being a generally nice sort of person, I let Tris cover the whole, “check… Read more »

Notational Velocity and Simplenote: In which Catherine schools you on notetaking

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After Monday’s “I wasn’t tweeting, so there!” recap of FreelanceCamp Vancouver, a few people asked about my much-touted notetaking technique. I’ve been wanting to write up a good explanation of this for some time, so this is a particularly good opportunity. I’ve known from a very early age that I tend towards clutter and disorganization.… Read more »

Catherine is speaking at WordCamp Vancouver 2010

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Happy news, Vancouver-area WordPress users! I’m pleased to confirm that, yes, I will be at WordCamp Vancouver 2010 on June 12. I’ll be speaking with Tris Hussey about the upcoming (Possibly just-released by then!) WordPress 3.0 and child themes. For more information about child themes, check out Tris’ blog. Personally, I’m excited about the new… Read more »

In which Catherine attends FreelanceCamp Vancouver

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Last Saturday, I attended the first FreelanceCamp Vancouver, the unconference for people who don’t have bosses or paycheques. I am happy to report that I had an excellent time and had several questions answered most satisfactorily. See? Photographic evidence: “Hey,” you might exclaim, upon seeing the above photo, your voice pitching with excitement in having… Read more »