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In which Catherine is even more conspicuous than usual

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“Wow, Catherine! You’re wearing a sling and everything!” Yeah! I tore my rotator cuff1 doing extreme sports. “It’s a good thing you wore your loosest possible jeans to work then, isn’t it? Really tight ones would make going to the bathroom really, really difficult.” It sure would. Dammit. Yes, again. [↩]

A decade in the life of…

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January 1, 2000 The Y2K bug does not result in airplanes falling from the sky, stock markets crashing, or nuclear missiles launching on their own. Pundits decry the wasteful spending of billions to ensure nothing significant happened. IT departments worldwide sputter in bewilderment. “But! But!” October, 2000 I come out to a few select friends and… Read more »

Better living through labels

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“Your family just moves from one crisis to another,” my therapist said. As an introverted, queer teenager, I’d been forced to talk to a pretty long list of psychologists and psychiatrists. Despite this, I’d certainly had never heard one make a lot of sense before. Psychotic fundamentalist bullshit, certainly, but an accurate observation? I was… Read more »

Catherine Dyke Marches

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Yesterday, I kicked off my Pride weekend1 here in Vancouver by heading to Commercial Drive for the 6th Annual Vancouver Dyke March.2 Sweet. I’ve written recently about why I like the Dyke March: its inclusiveness, the sense of community, the cute girls… but mostly, it’s an opportunity to feel normal without being normalized. Despite popular… Read more »

Catherine Winters is not the top hit for “Second Life Vancouver”

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This week, the Georgia Straight’s Stephen Hui interviewed me for’s weekly Geek Speak feature. I just finished reading the interview and I’m happy to confirm that I didn’t sound insane or say anything terribly inappropriate this time. I find I do have something of a tendency to do this. If we’ve spoken in any… Read more »

Blogathon 2009: What does Marcellus Wallace look like?

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So I’m working on a single-serving site to finally make use of my other domain. Functionally, it’ll be a business card of sorts, featuring a more coherent bio, with links to the various ways I can be contacted online. Ultimately, I suspect I’ll roll this site into it. Anyway, while the art style I’m using is… Read more »