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Blogathon 2009: Arts and crafts? Oh no!

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Want. Seriously. I spent so much time playing Lemmings when I was younger. What an awesome game. June of PlanetJune has included crochet patterns and suggestions for accessories on her blog. And to crocheters out there: what better than crocheted Lemmings to go with my Weighted Companion Cube? I mean, really. (Via jwz.)

Blogathon 2009: What kind of site do you think this is, anyway?

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So I was checking out my Google Analytics stats just now to gauge the impact Blogathon is having upon my site traffic. Answer: lots. Obviously. However, I couldn’t help but notice a number of interesting searches by which people are coming here. Okay, that’s different. Other bewildering search terms people used to arrive here include:… Read more »

Blogathon 2009: In which The Weather stymies Catherine’s plans

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So I deliberately brought my bike to Workspace this morning, knowing that if I was lagging this evening, I could go for a nice endorphin-boosting ride up and down Waterfront Road, across the tracks from Gastown. I really can’t say that I was expecting a massive thunderstorm instead. In retrospect, I wish I’d taken the… Read more »

Blogathon 2009: Mid-day pledge updates

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I’m happy to report that despite my late entry and current sleep deprivation, the current pledges for the Canadian Cancer Society are up to $118 from two donors. So thanks, you guys. I’ll be posting on your requested subjects shortly! (Remember, donations to the Canadian Cancer Society buy you a post on the topic of your… Read more »

Blogathon 2009: In which Catherine is now a cyclist for some reason

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So I’ve mentioned this here a few times, but haven’t gone into huge amounts of detail: I have a bicycle again! It’s a Kuwahara-built Apollo road bike, with a 62cm frame with double-butted Tange 900 chromoly steel tubes. From 1984, if the serial number is accurate at all. I bought the frame separately, though it… Read more »

Blogathon 2009: Refueling

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Ahh, delicious, delicious food. Courteously donated by Dairy Queen, as it happens. They just delivered it so we’re currently all chowing down. A few people here raised the point earlier that 6am-6am is a pretty difficult schedule to keep, and I definitely agree with that. I usually like to eat lunch 3–4 hours after waking… Read more »