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Maki Mac Mitt!

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Fear not, citizens! To better help me fight crime do my new job, I got a new MacBook Pro for work. It’s pretty shiny. And scratchable, by the looks of things. To protect its finish and maintain a sharp, professional image for meetings, it’s important to always travel with the MacBook secured inside a durable,… Read more »

Hamlet, stop that.

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Hamlet needs to not talk to reporters about me while drunk. Seriously. Update 16/09/06: It seems some people have gotten the wrong idea here. Allow me to explain: Yes, I was homeless. However, what Hamlet is talking about in that video happened in February of 2003. In fact, his original story about it even notes… Read more »

Updates pending

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I’ll be back among the land of the functional-computer-owning late tomorrow evening. In the meantime, I’d like to note that my traffic stats indicate that the number of visits this blog gets really don’t appear to vary at all. Including when I don’t post. I probably will anyway, but still…