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Xmarks bookmark-syncing service shutting down January 10, 2011

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Beyond my operating system, there are a few utilities my workflow really can’t live without. Google Calendar, Firebug, Simplenote, Notational Velocity, Google Reader, TextMate, Synergy. I’ve written about most of these. And then there’s Xmarks, the cross-platform, cross-browser, cloud-based bookmarks synchronization app we’ve all come to know and love. It’ll be discontinued as of January… Read more »

In which Catherine is even more conspicuous than usual

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“Wow, Catherine! You’re wearing a sling and everything!” Yeah! I tore my rotator cuff1 doing extreme sports. “It’s a good thing you wore your loosest possible jeans to work then, isn’t it? Really tight ones would make going to the bathroom really, really difficult.” It sure would. Dammit. Yes, again. [↩]

Failed slogans: “Woodbridge: the wine that takes 2 hours to choke down”

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So there I was, waiting to meet a friend for sushi, when she called to let me know she was running a little behind. What to do, what to do? Why hello, Liquor Store! This particular BC Liquor Store is located in Vancouver’s classiest shopping establishment, Kingsgate Mall. Home to the Worst Washroom in Canada,1… Read more »

Pride by any other name

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As a quick aside, one argument I’ve heard about the Gay Pride Parade recently is that if its purpose as an activism tool has ended in North America, maybe it shouldn’t be called “Pride” anymore. Honestly though, we have virtually no holidays or traditions that make any sense when viewed from their original contexts. Seriously,… Read more »

Blogathon 2009: Infographics, Part 1: Why the CBC sucks

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Okay, this is something that has bugged me for a while. People who say “interactive” when they mean “hard to use” and “Flash scrollbars”. While otherwise a competent, irritatingly underfunded news organization, the CBC sucks at infographics. Most of their “interactive features” are just text that requires a lot of clicking and scrolling to read.… Read more »