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A few weeks ago, I bought a new Kensington Expert Mouse to use at home. A friend helped me out, by having it shipped to her address in Washington to take advantage of a really good deal was offering to US-based customers. I ended up saving something like $60. Sweet. Deal. So, my first… Read more »

How to write a US Political Thriller: Start with the Secret Service codenames.

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So the most pressing question of the post US-election period, beyond “did adults seriously come up with the name ‘labradoodle’?” and “will Team Obama need to buy their own keyboards?” is clearly, “what is Sasha Obama’s Secret Service codename?” Apparently, it’s Rosebud. I find that a little weird on its own, but particularly so in… Read more »

EA/Maxis releases nerdy Spore prototypes; Catherine overcome with excitement

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A few weeks back, I had the opportunity to hear SimCity creator Will Wright speak as part of my employer’s contribution to the Vancouver Art Gallery’s KRAZY! exhibit. Later, I wrote on the Masters of Digital Media group blog about my fascination with Wright’s visual aids, a variety of cellular automata and gravity simulations, prototypes… Read more »

Catherine is employed and blogging about Art Spiegelman

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So I’m blogging for my employers, the Masters of Digital Media Program. I scored tickets for the Vancouver Art Gallery/Centre for Digital Media (that’s us!) joint speakers series, KRAZY! Talk Industry Giants, held in conjunction with the KRAZY! comics + video games + anime + other stuff exhibition at VAG, and so, I’ve been blogging… Read more »

Social Tech Brewing Vancouver — Learning in Virtual Worlds!

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This Wednesday, (March 21st, 2007) I and the rest of the Social Signal team will be at Social Tech Brewing Vancouver, for this month’s topic, “Learning in Virtual Worlds”.* From the Social Signal blog: If you work at the intersection of technology and community-building, we hope you’ll join us for the March gathering of Social… Read more »

Northern Voice 2007: Day 1 — MooseCamp

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So I’m at Northern Voice this weekend! Friday’s agenda is MooseCamp: the “unconference”. This morning, people seemed interested in a session about Second Life, so I signed up to run one after lunch. Now even more bloggers know about Goreans, furries and lag. Mission accomplished. Today’s highlights included: Realizing that it’s at the main Point… Read more »