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In which Catherine is even more conspicuous than usual

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“Wow, Catherine! You’re wearing a sling and everything!” Yeah! I tore my rotator cuff1 doing extreme sports. “It’s a good thing you wore your loosest possible jeans to work then, isn’t it? Really tight ones would make going to the bathroom really, really difficult.” It sure would. Dammit. Yes, again. [↩]

Blogathon 2009: In which The Weather stymies Catherine’s plans

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So I deliberately brought my bike to Workspace this morning, knowing that if I was lagging this evening, I could go for a nice endorphin-boosting ride up and down Waterfront Road, across the tracks from Gastown. I really can’t say that I was expecting a massive thunderstorm instead. In retrospect, I wish I’d taken the… Read more »

Blogathon 2009: In which Catherine is now a cyclist for some reason

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So I’ve mentioned this here a few times, but haven’t gone into huge amounts of detail: I have a bicycle again! It’s a Kuwahara-built Apollo road bike, with a 62cm frame with double-butted Tange 900 chromoly steel tubes. From 1984, if the serial number is accurate at all. I bought the frame separately, though it… Read more »

Catherine Grows as a Person

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Since attending Media that Matters 2009 at Hollyhock this May, I’ve been feeling very introspective. To say I was skeptical of some aspects of the conference beforehand would be a terrible, terrible understatement. On the ride up with former coworker Jnet: Her: “So are you recovered from your flu?” [Swine flu, I swear.] Me: “I… Read more »