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In which Catherine attends FreelanceCamp Vancouver

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Last Saturday, I attended the first FreelanceCamp Vancouver, the unconference for people who don’t have bosses or paycheques. I am happy to report that I had an excellent time and had several questions answered most satisfactorily. See? Photographic evidence: “Hey,” you might exclaim, upon seeing the above photo, your voice pitching with excitement in having… Read more »

Blogathon 2009: “Legally, we have to refer to you as Catherine December.”

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After hearing Dave Olsen talk a bit about the restrictions being applied — in particular, to the “pedestrian corridors” being established here in Vancouver during the Olympics, I’m concerned about the implications for free speech, as well as the potential for these laws to endure after the Olympics have ended. I’ve been convinced for a long… Read more »

Suggestion Box: Attribution/ShareAlike/ActuallyTellMeAboutIt

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Creative Commons covers almost all use cases apart from one revealed on Twitter this morning: you’ve granted others the right to use and remix your work, but how do you know if someone’s done it? Sure, it’s certainly courteous to do so, but they’re not necessarily under any obligation to let you know about it. With… Read more »

If kids don’t learn about making tasers in school, they’ll just learn it on the streets.

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The CBC is running a story on enterprising young hooligans making good entertaining use of readily-available giant capacitors. Oh no, homemade tasers! Well, no, not exactly. They sure hurt and make you pee yourself though! This actually reminded me of things I did in high school, so maybe this is something we want to encourage!… Read more »