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How to write a US Political Thriller: Start with the Secret Service codenames.

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So the most pressing question of the post US-election period, beyond “did adults seriously come up with the name ‘labradoodle’?” and “will Team Obama need to buy their own keyboards?” is clearly, “what is Sasha Obama’s Secret Service codename?” Apparently, it’s Rosebud. I find that a little weird on its own, but particularly so in… Read more »

It sucks when the little guy falls on hard times.

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So yeah, it turns out that if you let people buy things with imaginary money that they have no hope of paying back and then those things turn out to only be worth their actual value, rather than their imaginary, crazy-person value, your entire economy turns to crap. Who knew? One side effect of this is… Read more »

Events of September, 1983

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From Wikipedia: September 16 — Donna Griffiths of Pershore in England stops sneezing after a continual series of sneezes for 978 days (since January 13, 1981). September 17 — Vanessa Lynn Williams becomes the first African-American to be crowned Miss America, in Atlantic City, New Jersey September 25-September 26 — Soviet military officer Stanislav Petrov averts… Read more »


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Just recently, I was lamenting the fact that there are likely orders of magnitude more people who understand the “turn it off and then on again” method of troubleshooting than the scientific method. To back up my theory, this month’s Wired Magazine sees editor Chris Anderson confidently stroll into Crazyland with his essay The End… Read more »

The LSL Wiki finds a new home

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After a couple months of fighting to retrieve data from my ISP, arguing about whether or not I had the right to transfer the domain name — and finally buying a new one — followed by a couple days’ worth of messing about with MySQL, I’m pleased to say the LSL Wiki has returned,… Read more »

Jack Bauer wouldn’t have stood for that!

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I thought this was kind of interesting: “RCMP Spied on Tommy Douglas”. I don’t just mean the culture of J. Edgar Hoover-esque agency creepiness that would ultimately lead to the downfall of the RCMP Security Service and the subsequent creation of CSIS, Canada’s modern intelligence agency. (For those of you outside Canada, CSIS is known… Read more »

Interactivity != better

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This may be the least effective use of an interactive map infographic ever. It attempts to present information on an important subject, but it’s very difficult to take in due to poor UI and ineffective use of the map itself. Why on earth does this tool use the same icon for identifying a target country… Read more »