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Catherine Winters is not the top hit for “Second Life Vancouver”

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This week, the Georgia Straight’s Stephen Hui interviewed me for’s weekly Geek Speak feature. I just finished reading the interview and I’m happy to confirm that I didn’t sound insane or say anything terribly inappropriate this time. I find I do have something of a tendency to do this. If we’ve spoken in any… Read more »

Social Tech Brewing Vancouver — Learning in Virtual Worlds!

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This Wednesday, (March 21st, 2007) I and the rest of the Social Signal team will be at Social Tech Brewing Vancouver, for this month’s topic, “Learning in Virtual Worlds”.* From the Social Signal blog: If you work at the intersection of technology and community-building, we hope you’ll join us for the March gathering of Social… Read more »

Second Life usage graph roundup!

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I found a fascinating* post about Second Life’s much-debated usage numbers over at Social Signal. “That number will likely be over 4.6 million by the time you read this blog post. So what does that actually mean in practical usage terms? Are there 4.6 million regular Second Life users? Well, no.” * Where “fascinating” may or… Read more »

The LSL Wiki finds a new home

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After a couple months of fighting to retrieve data from my ISP, arguing about whether or not I had the right to transfer the domain name — and finally buying a new one — followed by a couple days’ worth of messing about with MySQL, I’m pleased to say the LSL Wiki has returned,… Read more »

Northern Voice 2007: Day 1 — MooseCamp

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So I’m at Northern Voice this weekend! Friday’s agenda is MooseCamp: the “unconference”. This morning, people seemed interested in a session about Second Life, so I signed up to run one after lunch. Now even more bloggers know about Goreans, furries and lag. Mission accomplished. Today’s highlights included: Realizing that it’s at the main Point… Read more »


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The CBC’s Adrienne Arsenault reports on the crazy cyber-venturous lifestyle of Second Life — and actually does the best job yet. Also look for Mistress Midnight arguing on the side of subjective reality! Take that, Arsenault!

A Zombie Stole my Heart!

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Best title ever? Yeah, probably. The Ed Wood Machinima Festival is on! Entrants have two days to produce the worst SL machinima film possible, using the title “A Zombie Stole my Heart”, selected by the advanced computo-logical main-frames in the basement of the Alt-Zoom building in downtown San Francisco. I, for one, eagerly await the… Read more »