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A Post in 140 Words: Catherine Remembers Events Accurately

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I’m told certain people have trouble keeping their writing punchy and to the point. Apparently. As I recently told Renee, what Twitter’s done for me–yes, beyond all the espresso machines people keep trying to give me–is force me to tighten up my writing. I wondered if Twitter’s limit of 140 characters helps me keep my… Read more »

In which Catherine is even more conspicuous than usual

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“Wow, Catherine! You’re wearing a sling and everything!” Yeah! I tore my rotator cuff1 doing extreme sports. “It’s a good thing you wore your loosest possible jeans to work then, isn’t it? Really tight ones would make going to the bathroom really, really difficult.” It sure would. Dammit. Yes, again. [↩]

Catherine Omega Teaches You DVORAK

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Catherine: Some person on Craigslist keeps trying to sell “Guildwars: Fractions”. Catherine: I was thinking that was totally a good idea. Catherine: You could have “Warcraft: Algebra Adventure!” D: Heh. Catherine: Ooh, _I_ should license MY likeness! Catherine: I could be an edutainment LEGEND. D: :) Catherine: “Catherine Omega Yells at You Until You Use Commas… Read more »