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A few weeks ago, I bought a new Kensington Expert Mouse to use at home. A friend helped me out, by having it shipped to her address in Washington to take advantage of a really good deal was offering to US-based customers. I ended up saving something like $60. Sweet. Deal. So, my first… Read more »

They are also forging new CASUAL SEX DATING VANCOUVERS

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Google Alerts are a wondrous thing — provided you remember to create them. For me, my “Second Life” + “Vancouver” alert resulted in this spam site masquerading as a blog: Teenagers, in particular, increasingly keep in touch with friends and acquaintances every time they log on but they are also forging new casual sex dating vancouvers… Read more »

OpenMoko: like the iPhone, only Linuxier!

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Like most Mac-owning, right-thinking individuals, I’ve been anxiously awaiting the Apple iPhone, despite living in Canada, where mobile data rates are unfortunate, to say the least. Also, the whole “closed platform” thing. That and the “how do you dial this with gloves on?” bit. And the fact that there’s no word of any Canadian release… Read more »

One Laptop Per Child UI

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This is really fascinating. Design studio Pentagram has developed the look and feel of the UI for the One Laptop Per Child project. (“Pfft, poor people… right?”) They’ve abandoned the “desktop” metaphor, in favour of the “zoom metaphor”. This echoes OLPC’s overall design goals in sticking to the basic Children can quickly switch between different… Read more »

Interactivity != better

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This may be the least effective use of an interactive map infographic ever. It attempts to present information on an important subject, but it’s very difficult to take in due to poor UI and ineffective use of the map itself. Why on earth does this tool use the same icon for identifying a target country… Read more »

Emotional cues in virtual spaces

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While frequently used to great effect in prose, text is a notoriously poor medium for conveying the emotional metadata humans rely on for face-to-face conversation. How do we know exactly how to interpret someone else’s words, stripped of their emotional context? What was intended as a simple request for information may be taken by one… Read more »