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CSI Vancouver: Chad & Larry

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Did you know? There’s been a string of robberies at Emily Carr University. The culprits: Chad & Larry, a duo of expert thieves living high off the spoils of their crime spree, hiding out in Larry’s mom’s basement in Surrey. To assist the police in their ongoing search, Emily Carr MAA students Vanessa + Kristina… Read more »

Catherine needs an office!

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I’m a freelance web designer and developer. This means I don’t–yet–have an office, a staff, personal driver, nor any of the other luxuries one expects in the glamorous world of making websites. Having tried it on-and-off for much of my career, I’ve concluded that it’s extremely difficult for me to work from home, and that… Read more »

WordCamp Vancouver 2010: Tris and Catherine tell you why your current WordPress theme sucks.

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So! WordCamp Vancouver 2010, huh? That was pretty good, I thought. I particularly enjoyed the “Is WordPress a CMS?” panel featuring Dave, Christine and Cam. Consensus: Sort of! Maybe! As promised, Tris Hussey and I presented “WordPress 3.0 & Parent-Child Themes” Being a generally nice sort of person, I let Tris cover the whole, “check… Read more »

Catherine is speaking at WordCamp Vancouver 2010

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Happy news, Vancouver-area WordPress users! I’m pleased to confirm that, yes, I will be at WordCamp Vancouver 2010 on June 12. I’ll be speaking with Tris Hussey about the upcoming (Possibly just-released by then!) WordPress 3.0 and child themes. For more information about child themes, check out Tris’ blog. Personally, I’m excited about the new… Read more »

In which Catherine attends FreelanceCamp Vancouver

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Last Saturday, I attended the first FreelanceCamp Vancouver, the unconference for people who don’t have bosses or paycheques. I am happy to report that I had an excellent time and had several questions answered most satisfactorily. See? Photographic evidence: “Hey,” you might exclaim, upon seeing the above photo, your voice pitching with excitement in having… Read more »

Boobquake: in which Catherine gets annoyed at the press

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“So! Boobs, huh?” That’s right, boobs. Or what-have-you. “I don’t get it.” Well, the other day, Tehran’s acting Friday prayer leader Hojatoleslam Kazem Sedighi–yes, he’s not even an Ayatollah. I know, right?–went and said some crazy shit about boobs and how they cause earthquakes. Or more specifically, no, he didn’t really. As PBS explains: While delivering… Read more »

A decade in the life of…

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January 1, 2000 The Y2K bug does not result in airplanes falling from the sky, stock markets crashing, or nuclear missiles launching on their own. Pundits decry the wasteful spending of billions to ensure nothing significant happened. IT departments worldwide sputter in bewilderment. “But! But!” October, 2000 I come out to a few select friends and… Read more »

Mount Pleasant burns down… again.

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I just got back from Kingsway and Broadway, the scene of the latest highly suspicious fire in Mount Pleasant. For now, I’ve uploaded a Flickr set–tags to follow shortly. With typical Vancouver cynicism, consensus among most of the bystanders (also, news media, city workers, firefighters, etc.) seemed to be that the soon-to-be-constructed condo towers at… Read more »