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Blogathon 2009: Infographics, Part 1: Why the CBC sucks

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Okay, this is something that has bugged me for a while. People who say “interactive” when they mean “hard to use” and “Flash scrollbars”. While otherwise a competent, irritatingly underfunded news organization, the CBC sucks at infographics. Most of their “interactive features” are just text that requires a lot of clicking and scrolling to read.… Read more »

Blogathon 2009: In which Catherine supports cancer research

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I’m happy to announce that this Saturday, July 25th, I’ll be participating in Blogathon 2009. My charitable organization of choice? The Canadian Cancer Society. “So wait, what’s Blogathon?” you may ask, your brow wrinkling up in skepticism. Allow me to explain! Starting at 6am, I write 48 blog posts, once every half hour, for 24… Read more »

Catherine Grows as a Person

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Since attending Media that Matters 2009 at Hollyhock this May, I’ve been feeling very introspective. To say I was skeptical of some aspects of the conference beforehand would be a terrible, terrible understatement. On the ride up with former coworker Jnet: Her: “So are you recovered from your flu?” [Swine flu, I swear.] Me: “I… Read more »

“Why do you write about technology? Wouldn’t you rather be writing about fashion or something?”

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Bridget Botelho writes about an experience she had at the New England VMware Users Group: My “outsider” paranoia was made poignantly clear when the older gentleman sitting beside me during lunch asked out of sincere curiosity, “So, why do you write about technology? Wouldn’t you rather be writing about fashion or something?” My imaginary response was… Read more »