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“Why buy one when you can buy two for twice the price?”

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Living in Vancouver, one tends to notice that all the buildings look pretty much the same, be they Vancouver Specials or not-yet-leaky condo towers in Yaletown. However, the 770 Building takes the phenomenon to a whole other level: In 1940 the Lubavitchers purchased a small collegiate-gothic-style Brooklyn building (once a medical clinic) at 770 Eastern Parkway… Read more »

Catherine talks to the ladies

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“Anyway, I met that guy at a blogging conference,” I said. She cut me off: “Flogging conference!?” she exclaimed, seemingly both intrigued and alarmed. After we cleared that up, I mentioned an idle interest in video blogging and suggested I might try my hand at it at some point. “So what would you talk about?” she asked. I… Read more »

Northern Voice 2007: Day 1 — MooseCamp

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So I’m at Northern Voice this weekend! Friday’s agenda is MooseCamp: the “unconference”. This morning, people seemed interested in a session about Second Life, so I signed up to run one after lunch. Now even more bloggers know about Goreans, furries and lag. Mission accomplished. Today’s highlights included: Realizing that it’s at the main Point… Read more »